Scrambler scrambler Scrambler is the character who uses a shotgun in the game. The weapon used by this character is called Dozen Gauge. It has the ability to fire 2 times in a magazine. Scrambler is the most popular character in the game. Many players can collect high scores by playing with this character.

When you are playing a game that involves shooting real opponents, you must carefully choose your gun. You must focus on the damage and the spread of the gun. These things will help you to win or lose will be your weapon. So it would help if you focused on choosing a character with the best gun. You have to deal with a good amount of damage to your opponent so that you can easily win against them. So you must get all the details about your character. If you want to choose Scrambler, you can easily consider all the details.

Characteristic Of Scrambler

The Scrambler is a playable class in Shell Shockers. Its primary weapon is the Dozen Gauge, which bargains incredibly high harm at an amazingly short range. The Scrambler has an aggregate of 26 shots when full-on ammunition. scrambler

Each round has two shots before reloading. Reloading takes about 2.5 seconds. When gathering ammunition, the Scrambler recaptures eight shots. The Scrambler will, in general, make 1-4 efforts to break an egg while nearby other people. Scrambler right now has admittance to all weapon skins.

Is It The Right Class For Long-range?

No, it is not a great option for the long-range option. It is because the shotgun is primary for close combat. If you want to deal with high damage, then you have to look for a short fight. That is why you have to draw your opponents closer to ensure that you can easily fight against them and shoot more damages. Many players in the gameplay with this character class because all maps are designed for short-range.

Why Should You Choose It?

One of the reasons why you have to choose the Scrambler is because it can help you to deal great damage, which can kill your opponent in a single try. If you aim it perfectly, it can easily help you break the egg and kill them in a single bullet. If you are not good with the shotgun, then the reloading time is about 2.5 seconds, which is enough for your opponent to break your egg.

You can start to look for the Scrambler in the game and continue to use it. It is a great character for a long short-range fight. The character will be equipped with the Dozen Gauge to ensure that you can easily use it and win against your opponents. It has very high damage, and you will get about 26 shots in the gun. Ensure that you try to use it as it will only take one to four tries to break the eggs. If you take damage while playing with Scrambler, you can increase your health by collecting eggs boxes in the game.

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