RPEGG Weapon Guide RPEGG

The weapon held by the Eggsploder character is called RPEGG. It is generally called Rocket-Propelled Grenade in gun games. Many players prefer this weapon because it has a very strong damage-dealing power. However, the biggest disadvantage of this weapon and character is seen as very few bullets and slow firing.

Why Choose RPEGG?

Do you love playing a gun game? Are you planning to try the game Shell Shockers? If you want to become better at any game, you have to learn everything about its characters. You have to consider looking for a specific type of character to help me get certain advantages. You must learn about the RPEGG and its damage.

Ensure that you gain specifically for data about the game so that there are no issues with it. You can start by looking at information like magazine size, actual damage, and the firing distance. It will help you to make a calculated decision about selecting a player.

What Are The Details Of RPEGG?

Another thing that you have to understand about the RPEGG is that its magazine size is quite small. As you already know that you can only get a certain amount of ammo in the RPEGG. So make sure that you look for this factor before you choose it.

  • Damage: 200
  • Accuracy: 0.99
  • Range: 45
  • Magazine: 3
  • Reload Time: 3.06 RPEGG

Check RPEGG Firing Distance

It does not mean that RPEGG does not have good damage if its magazine size is low. The firing distance of the RPEGG is medium. You have to lock in the target and then fire it according to their movements. The range of this weapon is 45. If you can precisely target an enemy with this weapon, you can kill the enemy with a single bullet in the game.

The damage with it is to a distance. Even if you do not hit the opponent directly, you can still deal some damage to them. So you can continue to keep your distance and fire it at your opponents.

What Is Its Actual Damage?

One of the main reasons many people love the weapon is its damage to stop it. Some are quiet, and if you dealer major blow, you can easily crack your opponent’s egg in one or two shots. So you can easily use it as a weapon, which will help you to get major damage.

You can easily overpower an opponent with this gun. RPEGG is one of the major choices in multiple games as you can easily use it for a long-range attack. It is a great choice of weapons to make sure that you consider choosing this class to get the RPEGG for fighting in mid-range.

You can easily choose the RPEGG, which is a great choice of weapon. It will help you to deal more damage by choosing this weapon easily. It can bring great damage as it can easily overpower the opponent with just raw power. Make sure that you look for such an amazing weapon when choosing to play a gun game. This will help you to do more damage to your opponent.

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