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Do you want to know more about the controls? If you do, then you can easily try out some basic control. The game controls are quite simple, so you won’t have to face any issues with learning how to play the game. It will be quite amazing so that you can continue to play your favorite game without any worries.

So make sure that you try out everything when you first play the game. It will be incredible, and you can ensure that there are no issues with the gameplay. Here are some of the basic controls to ensure that you can learn everything to play them.

Basic Controls

In order to play the game well, you should know the controls of the game very well and use your hand quickly. The controls of the game are listed to the right. Change one to your inclination by clicking on the earthy colored box and pressing the new, wanted catch for that control. Best outcomes originate from having Grenade changed to F, and Aim changed to Mouse 2 (right-click), as they would be independent of W, S, A, and D.

Understanding the overall controls:

Command Key
Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Fire MOUSE 0
Aim Mouse 1 or SHIFT
Reload R
Swap Weapon E
Grenade Mouse 4 or Q
Spectate: Up E
Spectate: Down C controls

Why Should You Stick with A Specific Weapon?

One of the mistakes made by every player when playing the game is to switch weapons again and again. When you try to make too many changes, it can become challenging for you to learn or master any single weapon.

It would be best if you continued to stick with the special weapons you can learn more about. When you play with a specific weapon for a long time, you can easily master it by getting more damage. Knowing the weapons in the game is as important as knowing the controls. Controls: How Will Grenades Prove Useful?

When you start to face multiple opponents, then it can become challenging for you to kill all of them at once. It is why you have to use a grenade to ensure that you can either kill them or deal heavy damage to use a weapon on them to kill them later on easily. Many players are able to get multiple kills by using grenades.

Jump During The Close-range Fights

When you are in the close-range fight, then you have to consider jumping to ensure that you can avoid getting out of sight from the players. It can become difficult for them to target you with weapons, and you can avoid getting damaged. Such things will prove useful and ensure that you can kill the opponents while jumping around.

So you can easily understand the controls and enjoy playing the game without any worries. It will be quite amazing to ensure that you can enjoy playing it for a longer time. It will be quite incredible and ensure that you love it.

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