What Is ShellShock.io Whipper?

shellshock.io whipper

If you are looking for a character wielding automatic weapons in Shellshock.io, you should choose ShellShock.io Whipper. This character has 50 bullets in a magazine and has a total of 250 bullets. Even though its shooting ability at long distances is low, it has a very advantageous shooting ability at close ranges.

Why Chose ShellShock.io Whipper?

When you are playing a game, you might find that it has multiple characters. Every player wants to choose the character, which signifies their play style. So you might be wondering about which type of character will be perfect for you. When you look for a character with more ammo, then you will surely love Shellshock.io Whipper. You might be looking for a character with more firing speed to overpower your opponents with your strength easily. So you can easily consider looking for the Whipper. It is a great character for a short-range fight.

Info About ShellShock.io Whipper

The Whipper is a playable class in Shell Shockers. It uses a rapid-fire weapon called the SMEGG. The Whipper has 50 shots in one round and 250 shots in total when full. An ammo pickup gives it fifty shots. The Whipper was added in Version 0.20.0 along with the Crackshot.

The Whipper has a very bad accuracy – when firing the Whipper, and the accuracy will change wildly, giving wild off-target shots. The Whipper is usually used as an up-close weapon due to its poor accuracy.

shellshock.io whipper

Is It The Right Player For A Distance Fight?

Yes, you should never fire at the enemies from a distance as it will give away your location to the enemy, and if they have a rifle, they can easily target you. It can prevent you from going into the close range, and it will be quite a bit of a disadvantage for you.

So it is why you should keep your location secure and only go out when you can close the distance with the opponents. You can easily try to get in a specific distance to easily target the bullets on a specific target to damage more. You will get more than 50 bullets to bring down the opponents.

Who Should Consider This Playable Class?

If you love to go in a close-range fight but want a weapon with bullets, it is the right choice. The SMEGG is the perfect choice of weapon, and you can easily use it to battle against multiple points. If you go in close range, you can use the weapon to fire on multiple enemies and continue to do it until you are out of your 50 bullets. It will be a perfect choice for you to ensure that you can quickly overcome the opponents.

So you should consider choosing the Shellshock.io Whipper as your primary character if you love to go to a short-range brawl. You will get about 50 shots in a single round, and it has about 250 shots in total. The character was added in version 0.2 0.0, along with one other character. There are also different game characters in Shellshock.io game. Some of these characters are like ShellShock.io Crackshot and ShellShock.io Scrambler.

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